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Our Methodologies

are based on these books:

Good to Great 

Building a StoryBrand 

The E-Myth 

Predictable Revenue 

Predictable Success

Scaling Up


The Blue Ocean Strategy 

Made to Stick

The Membership Economy

Built to Sell




The Automatic Customer


Zero to One

…and many other books 


Using “CreateGo Factory” you will get 

We developed our methodologies to reach more clients on the internet for your business.

We created and customized the best tools to get you more clients from the internet

We develop custom algorithms to make sure your business is in the best position to get new clients searching with Google 

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Let us help you get the most out of your potential in online sales. 

Tools we developed and use for you:

These tools were designed and created by us to maximize your solar panel marketing ROI (Return on Investment)


Our approach Google AdWords is different. We do not simply focus on the cost per click. Our tool allows us to make the most of our client’s budget by maximizing search results and increasing overall ROI.


It’s not enough to have a good looking website; it needs to be effective. A website needs to do a good job of turning potential clients into real clients that actually buy your product/service instead of only asking about the price. 


This tool was created to analyze and determine the best way for our clients to communicate with potential customers who visit their website and help them make the best purchase decision


Our analytics tool helps us (and you) understand where the most profitable customers are coming from, key words they use when searching on Google, and even how your they use your website.  With this information, we are able to see what is working well and what can be optimized for increased ROI..

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Let us help you get the most out of your potential in online sales. 

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