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Usually only $500 for a Landing Page.

Build by our Designers & Developers in 1-2 Weeks

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Eduardo O. Gonzalez Ortiz

The best landing page in the market our page came out so professional and we will for sure order again.Don’t think twice to order from these guys

Robin Elizabeth Basil

What a fantastic team. They really care about the quality of the services they provide. They have delivered everything as promised and they're good people too! I'll continue to work with them and highly recommend Create Go.

Alexander Montalvo

Amazing job! I have worked for two months with this incredible team and there is no greater satisfaction than seeing results. The patience, knowledge and effectiveness of this team have taken my business to a next level, the results are reality and the success is guaranteed. Once again THANKS CREATEGO!

Brendan Ganch

CreateGo helped my solar energy awareness initiative, Los Angeles Solar Studies, create animated social media content using photos and company tag lines to boost the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. Turnaround time was fast and efficient and within 24 hours we already have 50 more followers across our social media channels. Highly recommend partnering with CreateGo to help give your social media content a boost and drive more traffic!

Leads for Flooring Repair Business

With an Effective Landing Page it is Easy!

Most of Flooring Landing Pages are made without funnels and marketing thought this why you get less leads for your Windshield Business.

Examples of Flooring Websites

All are build by us and generate new windshield leads every month to the clients

How Much Does a Landing Page Costs?

Usually only $500

What you will get for this price?

A fully function Landing Page

And much more!

Build by our Designers & Developers in 1-2 Weeks

Let's compare the prices on the market

Wix & ClickFunnels 

$0 - One Time Payment

$17-$97 / Month

$100-$500 - One Time $5-$25 / Month for hosting

$3.000-$5.000 - One Time $25-$50 / Month

$500 - One Time

$10 / Month

Your Time Involvement

~7 Hours - if you know

~40 Hours - if you don't know

3-5 Hours

1-3 Hours

1-2 Hours

Monthly Support

Yes, only technical issues



Yes + Recommendations

Time to develop

7-40 Hours - depends on your knowledge

3-4 Weeks

4-8 Weeks

1-2 Weeks

Changing information


Moderate - Hard

Moderate - Hard


Ability to create funnels

Wix - limited

ClickFunnels - yes

Usually no



Applied Marketing



Medium - High


Screen Resolution

You will need to do all by your self, and if your time cost at last $40 / Hour x 7 hours if you know how to do all will be = from $240.

But if you don't know, it may take 40 Hours or more = $1600 + loses in opportunities of sales from landing page

Usually they don't know very well marketing, and you will have a nice landing page but not effective one, and you may lose a lot of opportunities and especially loses in marketing ads.

For example: $1000 in digital marketing may generate 3-5 leads with a bad landing page, but with a good one will generate 10-50 leads. If a lead cost $50, this may be loses in opportunities of $2500 for every $1000 investment in ads..

Most of good agencies are very busy, but if you get a spot and a good price, take it.

We are building websites and landing pages from 2009, we have our processes in place and make it fast and effective by not consuming your precious time. Request