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Google with Nicolai Mihailiuc

01. Google Ads Search

🗸 How to find best keywords

🗸 How to create effective ads

🗸 How you perform compared to your competitors

🗸 What keywords generate most leads

🗸 How to understand efficiency

06. Google Thoubleshooting

🗸 Fixing ads what stuck in review process

🗸 Right setup of Google Tag Manager

🗸 Fixing ReMarketing audiences

🗸 Speaking with Googles Support

05. Google ReMarketing

🗸 How to setup effective ReMarketing

🗸 What content to have and how much

🗸 How to setup Google Search ReMarketing

🗸 How to setup Google Display Remarketing

🗸 How to setup YouTube Remarketing

🗸 How to understand efficiency

02. SEO for Google

🗸 How to Google Algorithm Words

🗸 How to optimize your website

🗸 How to obtain back-links from other websites

🗸 How formulate contract with SEO companies

03. Google Ads Display

🗸 How to find right audience

🗸 How to target right placement for the audience

🗸 How to make right A/B testing for display

🗸 How to understand efficiency

04. Google Ads YouTube

🗸 How to setup effective campaign on YouTube

🗸 How to target right audience

🗸 What videos works best for YouTube Ads

🗸 How to make right A/B testing for video

🗸 How to understand efficiency

Your Results is Our Priority

Facebook Ads with Nicolai Mihailiuc

In this session you will learn

Facebook Ads Algorithm works

How to select perfect audience in Facebook

What images work best in ads and how to test them

Video that brings 10x results on your ads

How to setup effective retargeting from your facebook page and your website

How to test different audiences, images, ads copy

How to setup Facebook Pixel

How to read efficiency of your ads and make better decision on what ads to run

Covering Type of Campaigns

Facebook Lead generation
Facebook Message campaigns
Facebook Video campaigns
Facebook Like, Follow campaign for getting more followers of your page
Facebook Event campaign
Facebook Retargeting campaigns
Ads placement of Instagram
Ads placement on TikTok

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Unlimited Questions
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ZOOM or Skype
Email Support 1 Month
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