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How to Create Goals for Your Business

Using OKRs method you will create best goals

So many Small Businesses work without a written Goal, and their team is confused where we go.

I was like this, our team was confused, and so many of our clients too…

This way I started to learn about Mission and Vision, how to compose one, and so one.

And I found this resurce of how to compose a business plan what works, and actually it is much more simple then a business plan, it contains only one objective and couple of key results what need to be accomplished, and this methodology is called OKR's.

After using OKRs for years we started to teach them also our clients, small business owners.

10 Lessons (35m)

1. OKRs – Intro – 2:09

2. How To Watch and Apply this Course – 0:36

3. Your Vision & Your Team – 3:09

4. OKRs Structure – 2:41

5. How To Succeed With Your OKRs – 6:13

6. Examples of OKRs for Your Business – 6:14

7. Our Last Year OKRs & How We Evaluate – 5:01

9. OKRs Resources – 2:34

10. Conclusion – 1:53

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How to Create Goals for Your Business

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