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Case Study – How a transportation company doubled their business –

Hero Profile – is Moldovian based company that provides transportation services for people and packages from Republic of Moldova to France (Paris).


Challenges and Objectives


Transportation business can sometimes be a tricky business. In an area of high competition you have to fight sometimes for every $, and still loose your customers. 

There are periods when you don't have enough places in your buses to get the most out of this seasons and when you start your day at 8:00 AM with the 2 phones sticked to your ear only to unstick them at the end of the day. And there are other times, when you go with you buses half empty. The biggest challenge for NoeTrans was to stabilize this traffic. They started with one buss that generated an unstable revenue stream. 

Our method

To stabilize their revenue stream we started advertising on both Google and facebook. As we explain in the "3 Types of Potential Clients – and how to reach them" facebook helps us reach future potential clients. We targeted people from Moldova who had the potential of leaving to France, and Moldovians who leaved in France. This way we covered the warm ones.  


By the way. An interesting fact you wouldn't think would occur was this one. What add do you thing performed better? 

"The first one, of course”" you would say. But nope. In fact. The difference in costs per one page like was more than 5 times more expensive for the first ad. 5,65 to be exact. In the first case, a page like costs us $1.13 while in the second case, it costs $0.2. 


But what about those who want to order now – The hot ones? To get them we made NoeTrans appear on Google search page results via Google Ads.  


This worked. And what was the impact? 

The Results: what has changed?

In a few months they both the second buss. Basically their business had doubled. They increased the budget as they saw that leads are coming, and the system is working.


Now they know where their clients are coming from and all their leads are centralized in one place. Thanks to our effort to configure conversion tracking, they know what platforms are worth investing in and what platforms they should avoid. 


Today they continue to operate as one of the most famous company that provides transportation to Paris and Strasbourg from Chișinău.  


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