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Kapi.md started as a family side business. It’s a vacuum renting company. You rent a special vacuum fir 24 hours to clean out your home, car, furniture, etc.  It was founded from home, just to have an extra source of income.  

Challenges and Objectives


One of the biggest challenges was that the owner wanted to be able to hire people and give them a good salary. Here in Moldova, we experience a massive work force migration abroad. People leave because the don’t get an well payed job here, in their home country. So the owners desire was to be able to pay good enough salaries so that people won’t leave their homes.  


Of course this requires a big deal of income that needs to be generated somehow. 

Our method


To start generating this amount of income required, we created a Marketing Action Plan for him. Here are a few thing we’ve included in it: 

  • The website: We’ve build a website for them that displayed everything a potential customer needs to know to order the vacuums from them.It was build based on our 8+ ears of experience. Back then CreateGo has been in business for 8 years already, so we knew how to generate leads and convert them into customers.
  • Benefits for contact info: Every page on his website has a 2 fields form for orders: name and phone number. Every first customer would get a -10% discount for his first order. 
  • The Guarantee: We asked him to think about what is the biggest fear of potential frustration a customer can get when he orders the vacuums. He though about this and we came out with a good compelling Guarantee, mentioned on his website. 

The Results


As a result, people started ordering from him. We have proved once again that clear communication wins. 


Also, the cool part was that once Steven (the owner) delegated advertising to us, he could now focus on other aspects of his business, like getting the right people on the right seats on the buss.


He started recruiting more people, looking for an facility to rent, buying new and better equipment. Today, it is a full business with 4 employees and it operates in more than one cleaning fields.


Basically it grew in a company that provides cleaning services for corporate clients (like local Radisson Blu, and others). Today Steven owns 2 different brands: Kapi.md and Tesa.md.

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About the Author

Nicolai Mihailiuc

Founder and CEO of CreateGo Company

I am a Tech Entrepreneur from Republic of Moldova, founder and CEO of the CreateGo Company in 2009. I am a husband and father of a lovely daughter . 

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