2017 and 2018 were declared the “years of video content.” If you would search a bit around the web, you’ll see that 2019 is not different. 


The question is are you ready for this year? Do you know how to take advantage of video content?


This article will help you understand how you can use video marketing in 2019 to help your potential customers get to the point of buying and even further.   


Imagine your customers buying process as a mountain that needs to be climbed and your customers as the climber. 


I know, it may sound a little bit weird to talk about buying in this terms, especially in this age of instant buying, when you can get whatever you like to your door by clicking 2 buttons seating on your couch. But I promise, you’ll get it.


Investing in solar panels is not the same as ordering your next headphones from amazon. People have real questions, real worries as they investigate the risks, the pros and cons of going solar.  

Yet, what are the most of solar companies doing?


They ask the client to climb the mountain without properly guiding him along the way. Not that they do not offer guidance and assistance at all (that would be silly) but the problem is that they wait for the client to ask for it instead of taking the initiative themselves, as a proper guide would do. 


If you have ever climbed up a mountain yourself (with a guide) you probably know that the guide goes before you helping you make the right move and not waiting for you to ask every time.


So what has it to do with video marketing strategy? Well, you can guide your solar leads along the way, without waiting for them to insistently ask for it.  


Did you know that today you can track almost any interaction on your Facebook page, Instagram profile or you website to understand if your visitors manifest any interest in what you have to offer them? 

Help people know that you exist. Speak to their problem, and let them know that there is a solution to this problem. Once you let them know about your existence, you can track their response.


Every interaction with your brand can be basically used to measure the interest your customers have in your products or service.This helps marketing companies like ours retarget people with relevant ads (videos). 


And you? Well you can now know when to intervene with your next guidance tip in the buying process. 


Your main call to action can be “Request an Offer” or to request a consultation, free price estimate, etc.There’s a points where you start interacting with your customer offline. Maybe you have a phone call or a chance to even visit him, but you can still continue to communicate with him via your video ads. 

Once he requested a free quote, you can trigger a series of video ads where you show him a few case studies, explain your guarantee to cover his biggest fear of greatest possible frustration he may be afraid of. 


Now when your lead is called to order from you, or when the times come to sing your contract, he will have your guarantee 

well explained, he will already know and understand what are his benefits. Also, with a little effort you can show him real reviews from customers just like him.


You can to all of this once, and then just reap the results. The biggest advantage of automated video marketing is that you have to do this once, and then it works for you even while you’re sleeping.


So if you want this system setup for your solar company, contact us today by requesting a free private call, and we will help you guide your leads through your buying process. 

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About the Author

Nicolai Mihailiuc

Founder and CEO of CreateGo Company

I am a Tech Entrepreneur from Republic of Moldova, founder and CEO of the CreateGo Company in 2009. I am a husband and father of a lovely daughter . 

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