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[Video] How to get more solar leads from Instagram. Tip #1.3 – Instagram reviews.

You can't receive reviews on Instagram (as Facebook and google my business have). There is no such feature. Or if you receive a review it can only be somewhere in comments of your post, and it's not displayed for your whole audience. 


There is a little chance that those who follow you will see this review.So what you can do?You can post your Facebook reviews as a screenshot on Instagram. Screenshot reviews will give you the trust you need to get more solar panel leads form Instagram. 


Try to post periodically at least one screenshot review on Instagram. 5-7 regular posts and then a post with a review. 


The rule of thumb for Instagram reviews is: post screenshot reviews with a clear call to actions, instead of custom designed reviews with your texts.

This video is a part of a larger playlist with tips on How to get more Solar Panel Leads from Instagram. You can watch the whole playlist bellow. 

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