How they got real clients from Facebook fan page growing from 200 to over 18,000 Page likes.

Hero Profile – „MobMagic Company”


MobMagic is a small local Furniture Shop, a business that provides families with custom made kitchens suitable for their home and lifestyle. People ca send them an image of the furniture they want and MobMagic builds it. Here is their facebook fan page:  



Challenges and Objectives


As a small business, their biggest struggle was getting constant sales. The only way clients came was through recommendations. 


This is a good sign, especially if you are at the beginning, but they wanted more. Our constant frustration was seeing our competitors every ware online.  

They knew it’s possible to get clients from Facebook. They knew there must be a way! But how? 


When we first met and get to know each other a bit, we understood their desire to get constant orders form Facebook.


Their problem was that there were periods during the year when the team was so busy that they hardly delivered the orders in time. 


But there were also the other periods, when as a business owner, Alex had to take some difficult decisions regarding his employees, due to no orders. 


His workers are payed for every kitchen produced and installed. So during this periods he had to cut out on his staff. 

The method

We started working together using our strategy. We explained him that there are 3 types of potential clients: cold, worm  and hot.   


Hot clients usually make effort to solve their problems. In his case, this were people who had their money in the pocket and are only looking now for someone to order their kitchen. And guess where thy are looking for to find someone who can help? Exactly, in the same place you look – Google.


The Warm ones are saving random content when it pops out on internet. For example, if you know you will have to do this latter.


The Cold ones don’t even bother with buying. They don’t have this problem now or don’t see it as a problem.   

So we decided to invest in Google and Facebook advertising. While Google Ads (former AdWords) gave him hot leads, Facebook worked for future orders. Potential clients were starting to pile of in the form of fan page Likes. We helped him get from 200 to 18,000 Page Likes on Facebook.   


The point was that this page likes ware real people with the potential to became his clients in near future. After testing different audiences, we found that women from 35 to 50 y.o. where engaging more with hist content, so we targeted them as our audience. 


Also, using our methods, we ware able to optimize costs per page like and get them from $3.23 to $0.15. That’s more than 21 X decrease!  


We did this for two years constantly. And this is where we got. 

The Results

First of all: his budget was spent wisely thanks to all the testing and optimization work we did.  


Second: in a few months people started writing him directly on Facebook to get a free quote for the furniture they wanted. Also we advised him to post some photos of each work they get done with a few words in the description. 


Third: Because we targeted the right audience (women 35+ Years old, that lived in his area) this women began commenting on his posts. They ware engaging with his content thus making it cheaper for him to boost his posts.


And finally, as he already has 18,000 Page likes, now every time he needs more orders, he just boots a few posts with $10-20. Women engage with them and he gets the job.  


He can finally control the amount of work he has. Now he can plan for workers and grow in a constant way. 


Things happen just as we predicted: worm potential clients get hotter in time (it may take from a week up to 12 months sometime, depending on what you are selling). As a result, he is still getting work to do for his team from this audience, thanks to the method we’ve used.

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