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[Video] How to get more solar leads from Instagram. Tip #1.5 – Your Work Process

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It is surprisingly strange how many people operate from the assumption that people actually know how to order the product or service they sell.


Of course, this comes from the assumption that "if it is obvious for me, it should be obvious to my customers also”. Yet they are trying to get more leads form Instagram, and are frustrated that this ”this thing doesn't work!”


So, one extra tip for how to get more solar leads from Instagram is to have your work process displayed as clear 3 steps process.


Your task: Create 3 separate Instagram posts: for STEP 1 (and describe it in a few words), STEP 2 and 3 , and do the same thing (describe this steps in a few clear words). And post them on your Instagram in the reverse order. 



Make sure you do the same on your website.


Here is an example of how we did it for one of our clients.  

This way you will automatically answer a bunch of question your leads may have, and this way, you will help them take the nest stept required to purchase.It is well known that when we know what to expect, it makes it easier for us to take certain decisions. So implement this idea right away and start getting more leads form Instagram for your solar business. 

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