Google Ads can be confusing to many people. If you have ever tried to advertise on it, it may seam to you as an airplane dashboard.

The 2018 interface update made it a bit easier for advertisers to navigate, but there are still a lot of things you need to read to do this properly.


In the following video, we want to explain how Google Search Ads generally works and how you can benefit from it.


You will understand:


  • what are the following 3 things that determine your position in Google ads.
  • what you need to improve to get bigger results with smaller budgets
  • why companies with a smaller budget are sometimes displayed more often than you in google ads 

This video is part of the larger playlist in which we explore how to get solar leads from Google and how Google works for solar business.

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About the Author

Nicolai Mihailiuc

Founder and CEO of CreateGo Company

I am a Tech Entrepreneur from Republic of Moldova, founder and CEO of the CreateGo Company in 2009. I am a husband and father of a lovely daughter . 

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How Google Works [Video] for Solar Panel Panel Business in 2018-2019 

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