Now that you understand how SEO and Google Search Ads Work we can make an analysis and decide what is better for your solar business.

With Google ads you can be on top of search results page in a few hours, but you have to pay for it. 

Also, if you advertise using Google search partners also, your ads can be displayed on Google Maps also. You get a green highlighted pin.  


On the other hand with SEO it's often much harder to reach the first page, the it's definitely worth the effort. 


This is the golden rule: Try to have occupy as much ”real estate” on Google Search Page results as possible, meaning: get yourself positioned as many times on this page as possible. Google search ads, SEO, Google Maps SEO, Google search ads on google maps some of the options you can explore. 


If You want to start advertising on Google Search Ads today, know that we can do this for you. Just request a private call or shot us a message on our social media and we will help you.


This video is part of the larger playlist in which we explore how Google works for solar business, and how to get more solar leads from it.

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Nicolai Mihailiuc

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I am a Tech Entrepreneur from Republic of Moldova, founder and CEO of the CreateGo Company in 2009. I am a husband and father of a lovely daughter . 

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