April, 2021

External SEO for Moving Company Website – What are Backlinks and Why do You Need Them?

Before you watch this video we recommend to take a look at the previous one about Internal SEO for Moving company.

In this video:

  • Importance of external SEO for moving company website
  • What are backlinks and why do you need them?
  • How to choose the right website for landing the link to your website

As you may know, google search engine is an artificial intellect, that uses bots to scan (crowl) and give scores to the websites' content, quality and user experience. In order to display your website on the first page they consider your website's content category, the most convinient answer to a search query, user's location, language, and device. The higher quality score your website gets, the higher position it gets on the search results page.

So, the main purpose of generating external SEO is to build your moving company website's authority, to tell to Google that the website is trustworthy and it serves the best answer to a customer query.

In order to improve your chances of being ranked highly within search engine results there are a number of things you can do:

  1. Make sure that your site is fully optimised for any device and has fast loading times, that you have useful content on your website and keep it updated.
  2. Ensure that you have a good user experience for your customers and visitors and that your on-page keywords are well researched and you include meta-data to inform search engines of what they should output.
  3. Find websites with high domain authority, relevant to your moving business content. Learn more in the video.

Watch the video.

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