Custom CRM for a Small Business

Setup and personalization based on your business needs

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Do you lose potential clients because they are not registered in a database?

Do you forget to call hot clients who took some time to think about your offer?

You don't have an automated text notification?

Do you lose sight of the customers who bring you customers?

Case Studies

Here is how we can setup


CRM Setup for more effective management of:




Execution progress of the employees

Sales process by stages:

1. Qualified client, 2. Offer sent, 3. Follow up, 4. Negotiation, 5. Won – Closed

You can adjust to your needs

Automated text notifications/reminders:

Client didn't pay an invoice

To send a specific offer, discount at specific date, stage or other circumstances

Status of the order: Received, In execution, Done, Delivered

Ask for a review on Facebook, Google

It can be applied to other ideas and in a combination with email notifications

Landing Page / Website integration with the CRM

Payment with a credit card

And many more

About Nicolai Mihailiuc:

CEO and Founder of Create Go LLC

From 2009 we create websites, promote and systemize small businesses

More than 1500+ clients from 50+ countries

Here are some websites we built for organizations: USAID, Chemonics,,,,, etc.

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