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How to Manage Effective Online Meetings with Your Team

How it Works and Applies to your Business

Great tools like Skype and Zoom for video conferences are not enough | you also need to know what to say and how to lead your team during these online meetings.

If you are working remotely with your team using video conference software weekly or monthly you probably have already noticed that the dynamics of in-person vs. virtual meetings are very different.

In this course, we will cover how to have a productive online meeting with your team and how you can lead your business remotely.

8 Lessons (37m)

1. Online Meetings with your Team – 1:33

2. Three questions everyone needs to answer – 8:07

3. Your roles as leader – 4:29

4. How many people should be in a meeting? – 2:52

5. Planning and Structuring Effective Meetings – 9:35

6. Don't do these things during meetings – 6:07

7. Aditional resources – 1:56

8. Conclusion – 2:02

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How to Manage Effective Online Meetings with Your Team

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