What is a Facebook Fan Page and with what it can help you!

More companies and creative people make their facebook fan page, and these include Creatego. Perhaps you wonder why and how it helps the fan page?

Having such a page or Facebook group you can gather fans, or people who like the company, service, product (eg Orange, Moldcell) or your creations if you are a creative  musician, photographer, painter and so on (Eg Michael Jackson, FamiliaStratan)

Okay, suppose you have your page and besides this there are some fans of the page. What you have to gain from this?

Well maybe anything, if only 10-50 fans, but let’s suppose you have over 5,000. With a large number of fans this page will give you more benefits. In this article I will tell you just about one important benefit.

This is – Advertising Free and Fast!
For example, today you launched a new product, new service or some hot offer and you want some target customers know about it. Your page will allow you to inform them quickly through a simple post on your wall or others, a little more advanced opportunities. In a few hours your customers will find out about this news.
If you are a creative person, you can announce about the launch of a new theatrical piece, a concert, the appearance of new artistic work etc.

This is why some companies spend big money to accumulate more fans. Once a person (facebook user) presses “Like” on your page, he remains a fan for his entire life, or until there’s facebook, or until he’ll be motivated to be a fan of the page, the group etc.

There are many opportunities to gather as many fans as possible. In the next article I will tell you about Dezvoltare.md page that has accumulated 1000 + fans for a month and how you can gather this number of fans or even more in a short period of time.

Author: Nicolai Mihailiuc